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Building from Source

If you plan to contribute a Pull Request to P then you need to build the source code and run the tests. Please make sure that you have followed the steps in the installation guide to install P dependencies.

Building the P project

Clone the P repo and run the following build script.

cd Bld
cd Bld

Running the tests

You can run the following command to build and run the test regressions for P Compiler. Make sure you are in the root directory of the clone repo that has the P.sln.

dotnet build --configuration Release
dotnet test --configuration Release

Using a local build

P is distributed as a dotnet tool. To test changes locally you can:

  1. run dotnet tool uninstall --global P
  2. navigate to /Src/PCompiler/PCommandLine
  3. run
    dotnet pack PCommandLine.csproj --configuration Release --output ./publish
        -p:Version=<pick a version>
  4. run dotnet tool install P --global --add-source ./publish